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The Richmond ReelAbilities Film Festival

The Weinstein JCC is proud to partner with the Richmond community to bring the ReelAbilities Film Festival to Richmond, VA for our 5th year. The Weinstein JCC has long been committed to working with individuals with special needs in a caring and supportive environment. We have been at the forefront of creating an inclusive atmosphere for our participants. Our commitment to bring ReelAbilities back to Richmond each year allows us to engage the greater community in support of individuals and families of all abilities.

Talk Backs

Talk Backs explore and discuss the themes presented in each film. The speakers are professionals in the field or individuals living with the highlighted disability. Their insight brings an added dimension to the film and enhances the audience experience. Don’t miss the Talk Backs after each film!

Who is Involved?

Erin Mahone, Director of Cultural Arts and Jewish Education at the Weinstein JCC

Erin has worked in various capacities providing access to the arts for at risk and underserved populations for nearly a decade. She has been a part of ReelAbilities Film Festival in Richmond from the very first meeting, and she is proud to see the powerful impact the festival has had within our community. Erin believes strongly in the power of the arts to heal, empower, educate and build understanding. She is also a wife, mother of three, a writer and a performing artist frequently performing her one woman show in which she shares songs and stories about her family history of serious mental illness, in an effort to reduce the stigma around these diagnoses.

Melissa Bunce, Director of Inclusion & Support Services at the Weinstein JCC

Melissa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been the Director of Inclusion and Support Services at the Weinstein JCC since 2009. She is committed to offering inclusive, supportive and positive experiences for both children and adults with special needs within the Community. She works closely with families and program staff to make sure  participants are as successful as possible. This is her 5th year helping bring ReelAbilities to Richmond, Va. and she could not be more excited!

ReelAbilities, presented by JCC Manhattan, in partnership with Ladd Inc. National sponsors: Jason's Connection , Saul Schottenstein Foundation B.

ReelAbilities: Richmond

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